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About The Treatment

This one might look like we are going to talk about any animal but no. Rhinitis is actually the inflammation of nose. The cause for this problem might or might not be an allergy. There are two types of rhinitis and they are allergic and non allergic. In allergic rhinitis, there are further two types which are seasonal allergic rhinitis (occurring during the pollen seasons like spring, autumn, summer) and perennial allergic rhinitis  (occurring all year round because of pollens and other factors like dust mite or traffic pollution). In non allergic rhinitis, there are two types called triad and NARES. 

Now, after knowing what is rhinitis and its types, symptoms is what you need to know. The symptoms for rhinitis includes sneezing, earache, dry throat, streaming nose, red, sore or watering eyes, itching of nose, throat, mouth, eyes, and loss of sense of smell. There is another symptom that can be seen in perennial allergic rhinitis and that is post nasal drip (mucous running down back of nose and into throat and airways, producing phlegm cough). 

So, the treatment is must to be known. For mild rhinitis, non sedating antihistamines like xyzal, zyrtec, claritin or allegra can be used. If your eyes are affected then antihistamine eye drops can be used and  nasal decongestant is also helpful for blocked nose.