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About The Treatment

Do you have muscle aches? Do you feel nausea and fatigue? Do you have high fever which is there for 2-3 weeks? Well, if yes, then go to a doctor because these are the symptoms of rocky mountain spotted fever. The other symptoms that this disease shows are headache, chills, poor appetite, vomiting, and abdominal pain. With these, rashes can also be caused on ankles, wrists, palms and soles of feet. There can be a rash on the sixth day of purple red color indicating that disease has got serious. Treatment must be started before this rash appears. 

Well, what is actually this rocky mountain spotted fever? It is a bacterial infection that is spread by a bite of an infected tick. It is considered as the most serious tick borne illness as it can cause serious damage to internal organs of a body or death if not treated. 

Now that you know that this can be a deadly disease, you must know about its treatment. The treatment options includes oral antibiotics called doxycycline, intravenous antibiotics. These medications must be started within 5 days after the infection because it can get serious later and antibiotics will be taken for more time.