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About The Treatment

Do you have rashes on your skin? Are those rashes itchy? Do you have red bumps on the skin? If yes, you must go to a doctor and get yourself checked because these can be the symptoms of a disease called scabies. Now, what is it? Well, scabies is an infection that causes itchy rashes on the body. This infection is caused by an endoparasite Sarcoptes scabiei which is commonly knows as itch mite. The itch mite transmits from one to another by skin to skin contact and do not survive for more than 24-36 hours on the skin but can survive for months when enters the body by burrowing the skin. 

There are some sites where these rashes appear and they are back of knees and elbows, genital areas, buttocks, back and sides of feet, around waist, around nipples, mass between fingers and umbilicus axillary folds. Scabies is a contagious disease as it spread with the touch and anyone can be affected by it. The common ways in which the disease is transmitted is wearing other’s clothes and touching. 

Now, after the information and symptoms comes the treatment. The treatment for scabies includes the scabicide drugs. There are certain mite killer creams like lindane or permenthrin which can be used. Treatment also includes oral medicines like ivermectim and antihistamines can be taken for relieving itching.