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About The Treatment

This is also known by the term pertussis. Whooping cough is actually a bacterial infection which gets into throat and nose. This problem spreads quite easily but there are many vaccines like Tdap and DTaP which helps in the prevention of this disease in adults and children. In this disease, the patient (children or adults) simply have coughing spells that end into a whooping sound as the patient tries to breathe the air in. The cough is dry and has no production of mucus and this can lead to spells to last for almost a minute. The face might turn red or purple too. 

Now, the symptoms is what you need to know for seeing whether your child or some adult around you has whooping cough or not. The symptoms for whooping cough includes sneezing, mild coughing, runny nose and low fever. In some cases, diarrhea might show up. Infants having this problem might gasp for air and some may vomit. The problem can get severe and if you feel that your child has this problem, go to a doctor immediately.

The treatment for the problem can be antibiotics if it is diagnosed early. With early detection, infection can be prevented from spreading to other people also. Do not go for cough medicines because they are not going to work.