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About The Treatment

Fever is normal, right? But don’t take yellow fever as something normal. It is a serious and potentially deadly disease which is flu like and spread by the mosquitoes.  This disease can be characterized with the help of jaundice and fever. In jaundice, the skin and eyes turn yellow giving the name to the disease yellow fever. The disease is caused by the Flavivirus. 

The thing that will tell you whether you are suffering from the disease is the symptoms. Hence, the yellow fever symptoms includes muscle aches, headaches, fever, chills, joint aches. These are the initial symptoms that usually show up in three to six days. In acute phase, symptoms are backaches, shivers, loss of appetite, flushing and other initial phase symptoms.  Now, the toxic phase includes decreased urination, delirium, heart rhythm problems, abdominal pain, seizures, vomiting and bleeding from mouth, eyes and nose. 

Now when it comes to the treatment, it is the most important part of any disease. The treatment options include assistance of immune system and management of symptoms as it has no cure. The immune system can be assisted by maintaining healthy blood pressure, getting oxygen, getting enough fluids, getting treatment for other infections, blood transfusions and dialysis if there has happened a kidney failure.