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About The Treatment

The name will never let you know if you went by it, but Zollinger Ellison syndrome is actually a gastrointestinal system disease. The people suffering from thus disease get tumors called gastrinomas in the duodenum and pancreas and these tumors secrete gastrin, which in turns, develops duodenal and stomach ulcers because of the formation of excessive stomach acid. 

Now, the thing that you need to know is Zollinger Ellison syndrome symptoms. As the disease is gastrointestinal, the symptoms are also related to those areas. There are usually no symptoms shown but when they show up, then symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding from stomach, burning pain in abdomen, weakness, abdominal pain, fatigue and weight loss. 

The treatment is the most important part of the disease. So, the Zollinger Ellison syndrome treatment includes the medication which helps in reducing acid amount that the stomach produces. The treatment also depends on the type of gastrinoma that the patient has and sometimes, they are removed by the surgery. The treatment options have chemotherapy also if the tumor is metastatic. So, if you feel the above symptoms showing up, consult a doctor and get the problem diagnosed and get the treatment soon for getting better.