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India is a perfect destination chosen by people worldwide not only for recreational tourism but also for medical tourism. Every year, millions of people across the globe come to India for their medical treatments that are done with peace of mind and then they enjoy their recovery holidays in the country. The Division of Healing Touristry looking after the international patient services is a trusted provider of excellent medical services at most affordable costs to those foreign tourists who are looking for treatment in India.

Multispecialty Treatment with World-Class Services

India has a very strong healthcare system due to which it has become a popular medical destination among foreign tourists. It is known for its world class medical facilities provided by the private and multi-speciality hospitals that are equipped with modern technology, robust infrastructure and expert medical professionals. The past few years have seen a steep rise in patients from countries like US, UK, Europe and African countries as India provides them expert healthcare services in the fields of dental care, neurosurgery, heart care, cosmetic surgery, knee and valve replacements, eye surgery, hair transplant and much more. The traditional treatments in India comprising of Ayurvedic therapies also attract foreign patients to India.

We, at Healing Touristry offer new hope and new beginning along with permanent solutions to all those international patients who have been struggling from their illness & discomfort from past few years. We are a well-recognised name in the country and have achieved success in touching the lives of our patients. We have tie-ups with many super-specialty hospitals across the country which provides world-class facilities and other benefits under the guidance of skilled and professional medical specialists.

Attractive Facilities with Affectionate Hospitality

Healing Touristry provides special services to our overseas patients so that they can enjoy a warm and comfortable stay here during their treatment. We discuss your health conditions with the medical experts and get best advice in terms of top-notch hospitals and facilities provided by them. We offer various services to our esteemed clients:

  • On your arrival to India, we provide airport pickup and drop services for your convenience.
  • We offer economical health packages to our patients by making their bookings in the best & reasonable hospitals.
  • Best accommodation & travel services are given to our patients while they stay in India during their treatment.
  • Expert guidance & assistance is made available to them at every step.
  • Special attention is paid in choosing the best doctors for you who can treat your problem with full dedication, compassion and intellect.
  • Video consultation is available with concerned doctors after you reach your home country.

Healing Touristry also takes pride in offering numerous additional benefits to our international patients. We give complete Visa assistance to our patients and provide them with complete details of their treatment bookings. Medical treatments outside your home country can exhaust you to the core in terms of physical, mental and emotional stress. Lots of paperwork and other procedures need to be taken care of during your stay in the hospital. Our dedicated and expert staff ensures that you have a comfortable and hassle-free stay here so that you can go back to your home in high spirits. You can even correspond with the doctor who will handle your case. Not only for you but we care for your friends & family back home as we offer a support line to make your stay comfortable here. You even have the option for a sight-seeing tour that will give you complete relaxation after your treatment. We keep connected with you even after you leave for your home country and ensure that all your queries are responded in no time.

The experiences our overseas patients have with Healing Touristry definitely leave them happy and rejuvenated.