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Ayurveda prescribes many treatments for various medical conditions such as rheumatism, respiratory problems, blood pressure, cholesterol, paralysis etc. This system of medicine is special in that it makes use of only natural ingredients and as a result are totally harmless and at the same time highly curative. Some of the treatments offered at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort are as follows:




In Ayureda, Pizhichil has a substitute name as “Thaila Dhara” and it’s a well known system of healing, getting much acceptance all over the world. Pizhichil is a very important traditional therapy and considers as the king of therapies. Pizhichil is a Kerala therapy, which ensures a new born effect to patients and this therapy is a combination of two classical and traditional treatments. Pizhichil, the Ayurveda therapy is very effective with so many advantages. Snehana and Swedana are the two in one combination of Pizhichil and it’s really unique in every aspect and this squeezing of warm medicated oil onto the body of the patient is an integral part of Ayurveda. The meaning of Pizhichil is squeezing and day by day, the number of patients is increasing to undergo with the same. It’ll take 7 to 21 days to finish a course of Pizhichil and every day 60 to 90 minutes is needed for sqeeze the patient. It has certain specialties and Pizhichil is something royal enlarges lot of remedies both to physical and mental. It cures many psychological problems like over anxiety and neurotic depression. Luke warm medicated oils are very important with Pizhichil and indisputably it’s a very dominant treatment of Ayurveda and it has a tradition over thousands of years.

One Time Cost : Euro 65

Total Cost : Euro 910


The nourishing therapy “Njavarkizhi” takes importance in Ayureda and this treatment is keeping the rishi medicinal qualities and features. It can possible for total body care with Njavarakizhi and it has everything to satisfy the aspirants and it’s a process with two steps, and the fermentation of the body normally refers to Njavarakizhi and it has a tradition over thousands of years. It ensures an effective way to relax both mind and body and the goodwill of Ayurveda is nothing without Njavarakizhi. It is a part of ‘Pinda sweda”and in this treatment activity, the body is forced to perspire using Njavara and other herbal medicines. In Panchakarma, “Njavarakizhi” is an integral part to keeping the balance between ‘vatha’, pitha and kapha and it’s a very result oriented Ayureda treatment with many unique features. The ancient cultural heritage of Kerala is deep rooted with Njavarakizhi and the Vaidyas of Kerala popularized outside the state is because of Njaarakizhi. It has great healing power and Njavarakizhi is very patient friendly which enlarges a pleasant facet of traditional Ayurveda and it’s completely Kerala’s own with an entity. Njavarakizhi is a complete solution for many diseases and it promises a healthy life and longevity. It’s 100% pure and natural with an exposure of the ancient rishi medicinal science and it keeps the traditional values of a curing system.

One Time Cost : Euro 60

Total Cost : Euro 840


Dhara is a very ancient Ayurveda treatment system using mildly warm oil, and it’s a method well known all over the world. There are many varieties of Dhara in Ayurveda and all the Dhara’s are very result oriented and ensures curing of ailments. Dhara is an important therapy in Ayureda and it gives sudden relief from chronic headaches, insomnia, mental tension, hysteria, hallucination and insanity etc. Herbal oil, coconut water, milk, ghee, dhanyamlam etc. are the contents for preparing Dhara and this treatment is a quality contribution of the rishi medicinal science. Dhara has the convenience to prepare with different materials and as per the change of such things the name of the Dhara also changes. The main ingredient of every Dharas is medicated or herbal oil. It’ll take 14 days to finish a Dhara treatment course. It’s very amazing that Dhara gives quick remedy to many health problems and its meaningful treatment system of Ayurveda, which unveils the true values of rishi medicinal science. Dhara the treatment gets wide acceptance all over the world especially with westerners. Dhara treatment is 100% pure and natural and it plays a key role to uplift the dominance of Ayureda to a global access.

One Time Cost : Euro Thakra Dhara & Ksheera Dhara - 22 Euro, Thyladhara - 35 €

Total Cost : Euro 308 - Thakra Dhara & Ksheera Dhara,Euro 490 - Thyladhara


Ayurveda, the science of longevity, world’s most ancient rishi medicinal science needs no special introduction because the entire world whole heartedly taking interest to hug Ayurveda, that it has everything to ensure relief from un health and ailments. Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara is one of Ayurveda’s most effective treatments which ensures the elimination of nervous diseases and it has the sturdy power to control the whole problems of nerve related. Medicated milk is the main substance using for Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara. It has been found from the Snskrit texts of olden days – palm readings. This treatment nowadays gets wide acceptance in Kerala and interstates and of course from abroad also Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara seems very impressive. Its healing power is amazing and it’s very usefull for mental strain and for other psychic disorders. The treatment method is very interesting and the medicated milk is needed in large quantity to complete the unique Ayurveda treatment and it gives guaranteed curing effect for insomnia, mental tensions, head ache due to pitha dominance,menopause etc. Anyway this treatment can be defined as a valuable contribution of Ayurveda . It has everything that you would prefer from a quality Ayurveda treatment assuring immediate curing and there are hundreds of foreign visitors are coming to Kerala to experience Dasamoola Ksheera Dhara.

One Time Cost : Euro 35

Total Cost : Euro 35


Is a very special Ayurveda treatment with a very ancient tradition over thousands of years, still gives relax and elimination to many physical problems Saranga Kashaya Dhara is basically a sedation therapy and the substances using or this treatment is herbal dicaction and it removes “ama” rom the body and ama is toxin and Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara helps to reduce the toxin contents in our body. It has everything that you would prefer from a better sedation therapy and it’s very effective and also reliable ensures relief.Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara is eliminating health problems and promotes at metabolism,remoes tension from the muscle and also elevates pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles. Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara takes much relevance with Ayurveda sedation therapy and without this system o sedation Ayurveda has no completion and Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara is very prominent to protect the dominance of Ayurveda.

One Time Cost : Euro 35

Total Cost : Euro 35


Vasti is a main treatment form of Ayurveda, specially considering for the treatments of rheumatic diseases. It gets much importance in Ayureda and it has some other forms also, and all the Vasti’s are the valuable contributions of Ayurveda. An expert is needed before practicing Vasti, and under the guidance of an Ayurveda doctor (Vaiyda) only the treatment should be done. The important Vasti’s are Kashaya Vasti, Uttara Vasti,Sneha Vasthi, Siro Vasthi etc. and it has the specialty of tradition and ancestral values. Vasthi I the Ayurveda treatment mainly focus on rheumatic diseases and its very result oriented to eliminate the paralysis disorders. This method is convinced thousands of years back and still on move as a successful treatment part of Ayurveda and the special power to eliminate rheumatic (Vatha )disorders made Vasthi to popularize everywhere especially at abroad. The toxin removal process from human body is also possible with Vasthi treatment and it can be defined as multipurpose system of Ayurveda with great curing capacity. The guaranteed relax from many ailments gives Vasthi an aura of a powerful curing form. It’s capacity to remove toxin has to special mention and of course Vasti is a complete solution for certain problematic diseases.

One Time Cost : Euro 10 - Matra Vasthi, Euro 20 - Sneha Vasthi,Euro 55 - Kashaya Vasthi

Total Cost : Euro 140 - Matra Vasthi,Euro 280 - Sneha Vasthi,Euro 770 - Kashaya Vasthi


Ayurveda is a complete scientific medicinal system ensures treatments with amazing curing power and it have everything that you would prefer from a quality remedy exposure. Siro Vasthi is one of Ayurveda’s best treatment enlarges guaranteed curing and relaxes especially for nervous disorders and other type head related problems. Siro Vasthi has an ancestry over thousands of years and the Ayurveda text or Siro Vasthi is taken from palm readings written in Sanskrit. This unique treatment gets noticed from abroad and every year there are hundreds of tourists are coming to experience and enjoy Siro Vasthi (from in land and abroad) It’s a very reliable treatment promises relax from nervous illness and disorders and of course it’s also a rishi medicinal method. Warm medicated oil is the substance using for Siro Vasthi treatment and this oil has to retain over the head for half an hour and certain patience is needed for SiroVasthi. It’s a very important treatment in Ayurveda and without such an activity the Ayurveda is not completed. The medicated oil use for Siro Vasthi is specially made and it’s a mixture and the ingredients in this mixture are gingely oil, castor oil, ghee and common milk and with some herbal extracts.Siro Vasthi is a complete solution for eery kind of nervous problems.

One Time Cost : Euro 25

Total Cost : Euro 350


Ayurveda has so many effective therapies and the inclusion of these methods make Ayurveda as a meaningful medicinal science where the ancient tradition and cultural heritage blooms. Udvarthanam is a massage therapy in Ayurveda using herbal powder and this herbal powder is special with many healing properties. Udvarthanam , the treatment was very popular hundreds of years back and the local kings have been addicted to this Ayurveda treatment and palaces are the main promoters of Udvarthanam. The elimination of cellular accumulations is very effectively possible with Udvarthanam and the main curing power of the treatment lies in the same. As an Ayurveda therapy, the Udvarthanam is not so familiar to everyone and perhaps it’s not so common like other Ayurveda treatments. But Udvarthanam has a prominent role in Ayurveda treatments and nowadays this unique way of treatment gets wide acceptance everywhere and those who undergone Udvarthanam spreads the qualities of this treatment. It has the power to remove fatty deposits in the body and Udvarthanam shows resulting slimming the body. Also Udvarthanam has the power to reduce body heat, those who suffer with abnormal body heat gets relief after experiencing Udvarthanam. Anyway, Udvarthanam is a better massage therapy using powder gives curing to health problems and it’s a treatment rely upon.

One Time Cost : Euro 22

Total Cost : Euro 308


Abhyangam is a very special massage with the healing power to body refreshing and it’s very popular nowadays. It’s a massage completely effective to body and Abhyangam ensures refreshment of body and mind and Abhyangam the massage needed two therapies and without these therapies, the Abhyangam is not completed. It has everything or body refreshment and after finishing the Abhyangam course the patient would get a feel of servicing the body and refreshement. Abhyangam is a very important massage therapy of Kerala Ayureda and day by day Abhyangam gets much popularity and it has everything to feel surety of refreshment to every aspirant and no doubt Abhyangam is the master peace of Kerala Ayurveda. More positions of the body is needed to squeeze and Abhyangam takes much time to finish and perhaps Abhyangam would be the lengthy massage therapy. New healthy changes would happen after Abhyangam and it’s an unparalleled massage therapy. In certain aspect Abhyangam is very useful to control aging process and this massage gives effect beyond expectation and its reliable. Abhyangam works in the body and stops de generation and it improves vitality and effectively works against years to come. Anyway Abhyangam is a quality contribution of Ayureda , the unique rishi medicinal science of India.

One Time Cost : Euro 15

Total Cost : Euro 210


Nasyam is a well known Ayurveda remedy with vast healing power and in Kerala alone thousands of Nasyam treatments happening in Ayureda centers and it gives guaranteed relaxation for head related problems. Nasyam promises the elimination of much type of headaches and it has everything to solve nerve ailments also, where the patient gets relax in every aspect.Nasyam helps to remove mucus from the affected parts of the head and nowadays Nasyam treatments are very popularized, in Kerala alone patients increasing to involve with Nasyam. After having Nasyam, the patient gets relax from the illness in the head region and the materials for Nasyam are natural and pure. It has all the power to supply immune power to the head region.Nasyam is a very special treatment of Ayureda and it keeps the traditional values of the rishi medicinal science. A lot of Nasyams are in practice at Ayurveda and its include Virechana Nasyam.Dhamana Nasyam, Brahmana Nasyam, Shamana Nasyam etc. Basically Nasyam is a process for toxin removing and it ensures relax for every kind of head related problems.Nasyam has an Ayurveda tradition over thousands of years and it’s a complete solution for headaches and also for toxin removal from the affected areas.

One Time Cost : Euro 7

Total Cost : Euro 98


Ayurveda offers very special treatment diversities and this rishi medicinal science is a unique treatment system ensures relax and elimination of much diseases. As one of the reliable curing method of Ayurveda, the Snehapanam is very important and it gives relax beyond expectation. Also it can be say as a nourishment treatment and Snehapanam enlarges some other benefits and Snehapanam is a reliable curative way of Ayureda. The main material for Snehapanam is medicated ghee and the treatment gives body nourishment and it has everything that you would prefer from a better Ayurveda remedy.Snehapanam is treatment associating with Panchakarma, and the Panchakarma has no entity without Snehpanam, and it can be defined in other words like the Administration of medicated ghee. Snehapanam very effectively works on digestive system and the amount of Snehapanam can be vary or different as per the health of the person undergoing the treatment. The important part in Panchakarma has to special mention and Snehapanam successfully involves as apart in Panchakarma. Snehapanam treatment has certain restrictions and the period of the treatment is for seen days and it’s not advisable to undergo more than seven days. In Ayurveda, the Snehapanam treatment is considered with much priority. It’s a very unique Ayurveda treatment with the support of medicated ghee.

One Time Cost : Euro 13

Total Cost : Euro 182


Kizhi is an Ayurveda treatment with much importance, enlarging the relevance of promoting natural and pure medical applications. Everybody knows the power of Ayurveda to control and eliminates diseases and it’s amazing where certain other benefits like no side effects, no reaction etc. and also some other features hold this rishi medicinal science which uplifts the dominance of ancient tradition of India. Kizhi the term is taken from Malayalam language and it has the south Indian domination and it can be defined in many ways. It’s a massage therapy and a part of Ayurveda mainly aims to enhance and protect the health and wellness of the whole body. Kizhi Ayurveda therapy is a synchronization of special mode of Ayurveda treatment and as a therapy, Kizhi gives complete rejuvenation to human body. Kizhi is a very effective Ayurveda therapy which accepts all the goodness of the purity of nature. It has the power to make effective changes to human body and which never denies anything to the patients and ensures the patient’s to achieve confidence and mental peace. Kizhi improves vigor and vitality and the prolonged practicing of Kizhi promises youth for ever and in ancient days, long years ago it was a common practicing of local kings in their palaces. Kizhi, the Ayurveda treatment is very unique and it effectively works in the whole human body and gives you the youthfulness beyond expectation. Have you ever think about a return to the bliss of eternal youth? Yes it can possible with Kizhi, it keeps your skin smooth and shine and Kizhi is a complete solution of Ayurveda , the ancient rishi medicinal science.

One Time Cost : Euro 14 (Part), 35 Euro (Full)

Total Cost : Euro 14 (Part), 35 Euro (Full)


Dhanyamla Dhara is an Ayurveda therapy with amazing power of elimination to ailments and it has found from the traditionally old and ancient Sanskrit Ayurveda palm readings. As an inflammatory treatment Dhanyamla Dhara ensures relief from pain and sufferings. It has another term and has to say as specially fermented medicinal therapy. Dhanyamla Dhara is much effective and the Ayurveda findings of this very special therapy have to repeatedly mention where the victims of inflammation gets curing, relax and peace. Dhanymla Dhara spreads the relaxation and curing over the effected inflammated body of the patient (victim) immediately within the control of its remedial power. It’s not as common as other Ayurveda therapies, and it has certain very special features as an Ayurveda massage therapy, and assures many advantages.It gives benefits like 1. Improves blood circulation. 2. Revitlizes the patient’s body. 3. Improves immunity.4. Relieves body ache and muscle spasms.5. Improves skin complexion etc. So many Ayurveda ingredients are needed for Dhanyamla Dhara therapy and all materials are pure taken from the nature, and while comparing to other massage therapies Dhanyamla Dhara requires more herbals and Ayurveda ingredients. Dhanyamla Dhara Ayurda has some other effective curing power for treatment of conditions like swollen joints, hemi plegia, neurological disorders, arthritis, spondilitis, rheumatism etc. It can be say as a complete Ayurveda solution for many health problems and ailments.

One Time Cost : Euro

Total Cost : Euro 560


Ayurveda has so many women centered therapies and treatments and all of them are very ancient with traditional values as Ayurveda remain. ”YoniPrakshalanam”, as the name denotes is an Ayurveda treatment therapy especially designed for Women and this curing system of Ayurveda get wide acceptance all over India and abroad. The anatomical disorders and gynecological complaints of women are curable and can be eliminated with Yoni Prakshalanam. It has everything that women would prefer from a better Ayurveda therapy treatment. It ensures the stoppage of womanly complaints mainly related with vaginal/ gynaecological complaints. This therapy is process or cleaning to vaginal area and some oils are using or this purpose, generally medicated oils are using to clean the vaginal part and such an activity YoniPrakshalanam is a very effective therapy. Prakshalanam, the word is taken from Sanskrit and the meaning is washing in Malayalam and the genital part knows everyone. In this therapy the medicated oil has to pass through vagina(yoni) and it has everything to satisfy women. Yoni Prakshalanam ensures relaxation for gynecological complaints and the main process of YoniPrakshalanam begins with the application of oils to the vaginal area and it has the power to strengthen vaginal muscles.The Yoni Prakshalanam acts very result orient and the genital organs of the women gets clean and fresh after concluding Yoni Prakshalanam.

One Time Cost : Euro 10

Total Cost : Euro 10


As you know, Ayurveda the rishi medicinal science with amazing power is very unique in its entity where the tradition of thousands of years uplifts the Indian legacy over medical science. Kathi. The word is not Malayalam and which is taken from Sanskrit means the waist portion of the human body and there many health problems related with waist and Kativasthi helps to eliminate waist problems and illness. It’s a well known treatment in Ayurveda which ensures relaxation for sufferings of waist related health problems. It gives relax and peace to every patient involves with Kativasthi and it’s a well known Ayurveda healing therapy all over the world .It cures lower back ache and this treatment is ery reliable and effective. Kathivasti meaningfully hugs the Ayurveda purificatory norms and there are two treatments in Ayurveda principles as palliative and purificatory and Kativasthi is a guaranteed treatment therapy in every aspect. It takes much importance in Ayurveda and its better undergo before joining Panchakarma treatment and in Kerala alone, there are hundreds of foreigners are coming to experience Kativasthi and this therapy rises the dignity or an ancient rishi medicinal science originated before thousands of years and Kativasthi can be defined as a complete solution for the ailments related with the waist.

One Time Cost : Euro 22

Total Cost : Euro 22


As a medicinal branch Ayurveda is pure and dominant science where herbs, plants, nature are the key role players, besides it has a tradition over thousands of years and here is the relevance of Urovasthi as it has the ancestry, it’s origination is from the rishi modules. Herbal is using for this Vasthi and as an ingredient herbal oil is an essential part of Urovasti and it’s a very effective treatment with 100% Ayurveda entity. Urovasti specially focus on the chest area of the human body and Uro is a term which means chest part and it enlarges effective result for certain problems related with chest. Every year hundreds of foreigners are coming to Kerala to experience this unique therapy and perhaps the westerners are the people whom know the benefits of Urovasthi better than Indians. Anyway Urovasti gets an important position in Ayurveda and this treatment is an undetachable part of Ayurveda. This natural way of Ayurveda getting much relevance day by day and it’s purely an Indian method of therapy. In Panchakarma Urovasti has an important stance and it accepts all the goodness from the nature where Ayurveda has within the aura of trustworthy. Urovasthi is a complete solution for chest related ailments and it never denies anything to patients, and Uroasthi proclaims the dominance and goodness of Ayurveda.

One Time Cost : Euro 30

Total Cost : Euro 30


As an amazing treatment scenario with unique entity “Ayurveda” hugs all the goodness from the nature and Ksheeradhoomam is absolutely preparing in natural way and it’s a very special curing method with result oriented features. Ksheeradhoomam is not so familiar to a majority, but it’s a special Ayurveda therapy or neurotic disorders and the procedure of treatment seems very typical and entirely different from other Ayureda modules. It has everything that you would prefer from a particular Ayurveda treatment for neurotic problems where ‘milk” plays a key role and Ksheeradhoomam is a process with the emission of the heated milk (steam or dhooma)and this treatment is very effective for neurotic disorders. The patient with neurotic complaints should treated with the dhooma or steam from the tube connected with the heated milk and it has certain danger that the patient (he/she) should be care not to burn with too much heat from the tube. But, the chances are less, Ksheeradhoomam treatment generally undergoes with the expert guidance of vaidyas (Ayureda doctors) and it can be say as a unique Ayurveda treatment originated from the Sanskrit Ayureda palm readings of the ancient rishi medicinal science. Ksherradhoomam is a complete remedy for neurotic disorders and nowadays, this treatment gets wide acceptance from every corner.

One Time Cost : Euro 7

Total Cost : Euro 7


Ayurveda is a perfect medicinal science with lot of unique treatment varieties, and Ayurveda directly depends the nature for the production of medicines. Many medicines in Ayurveda are simple and easily available from the natural resources. Thalam is very common and well known in Ayurveda for mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders. Ayureda promises very effective remedies for mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders, where Thalam treatment gets much priority and it can be say as an Ayurveda therapeutic remedy . Thalam is the Malayalam name or the Shirovasthi and it has the backing of thousands o the years. It effects the mind and nerves and Thalam enhances and nourishes the brain cells and it has everything to care and cure for mental disorders. Thalam very effectively works on ailments like insomnia, stress, tension and of course for every kind of mental problems and it has everything to prevent neurotic disorders. Thalam is a very olden treatment system in Ayurveda and the medicinal oil is the main content which retained over the head in sealed manner. Thalam nourishes the brain and enhances the brain cells, a suitable cap is using to retaining the medicinal oil and it’s very reliable for eliminating head related diseases especially with mental abnormalities and neurotic disorders. Thalam is a better treatment you can rely upon where Ayurveda proclaims the dominance of ancient Indian heritage.

One Time Cost : Euro 5

Total Cost : Euro 5


Skin diseases can be eliminate effectively in Ayurveda and it’s very unique and absolutely, it’s a rishi medicinal science holds the tradition over thousands of years where the ancient cultural heritage blooms with the repetition of primitive medical implements. Ayurveda has so many remedies especially designed for skin care/skin cure and to eliminate skin diseases and this ancient treatment system unveils many devices to protect the skin from ailments. It has its own specialty with herbs and medicinal plants to treatment or skin diseases. Lepanam is one of the effective datum of Ayurveda to eliminate skin ailments and certain remedies in Ayurveda enlarges amazing power within to control and prevent every kind of dermatological complaints. Skin related unhealthy problems can be treated very fruitfully with Ayurveda and it ensures the stoppage of skin problems and there would be no chance for reactions or side effects and Ayurveda is the only curing science without reaction/side effect/allergies etc. Lepanam is also very useful for arthritis, gout etc.7 days is the time span (period) of Lepanam and it’s really a very effective treatment for eczema and so many other skin diseases. Lepanam has certain restrictions and it’s not advisable for sensitie skin and to those who sensitive to heat. Leapanam , the skin treatment applies to the whole body of the patient and the products for Lepanam treatment are pure and natural. The patient’s physical condition is very important and the prescription or Lepanam really depends with the physical suites of the body.

One Time Cost : Euro 13

Total Cost : Euro 13


As a massage therapy “Marma” takes much relevance in Ayurveda and it has everything to satisfy to those who undergo Marma. The vital points of the body are known as Marma and in Ayurveda, the massage therapy related with Marma cures many health problems and the Marma’s are very important in Ayurveda and perhaps no other treatment branch’s speaks much of Marma. In Ayurveda there is special division is working for Marma. It’s very reliable massage therapy and those who involves with Marma gets a feel of body relaxation and also it’s a servicing of body. Marma massage therapy can be consider with much importance where mind, body, spirit etc are under the soothing effect and it promises guaranteed relaxation and to a certain extent Marma is a relaxation therapy. Marma is very particular with the meaning and it can be say as hidden or secret and it’s a gift of India to the entire world where the unique health improve system gets new heights and some surgeries are depending very much to Marma’s. It has to mention the specialties of Marma massage therapy and nowadays Marma gets wide acceptance everywhere especially with abroad countries. The traditional Ayurveda Marma massage therapy is now globally acclaimed and hundreds of abroad tourists are coming to Kerala to experience and enjoy Marma massage therapies.

One Time Cost : Euro 30

Total Cost : Euro 30


The food habit of our society has been changed a lot, and it’s the main reason for the life style diseases which contiguously follows the new generation. India has very unique and stomach friendly food habits years back, and nowadays such goodness in dietary seems vanished and everywhere you’ll find consumption of modern eateries. A majority of youngsters blindly goes with routine use of unhealthy foods and gradually they became patients especially with obesity. The fat accumulation in body makes obesity and in Ayurveda, there are effective treatments to eliminate obesity and Lekhaneeyam treatment is especially meant for obesity and it has the power within to stop fatty body and Lekhaneeyam is a very special Ayureda treatment in every aspect and the un pleasant reality of obesity can be controlled and to eliminate with the enormous power of Lekhaneeyam. The obesity is curable and it can be treated with Lekhaneeyam and it has the sturdy power to decrease obesity and to make a healthy generation. The Lekhaneeyam therapy has the very effective healing capacity and it’ll change metabolism of the obesity affected person and no doubt this therapy would be able to eliminate over body weight and fatty problems and basically it’s a slimming program (chikilsa) takes 14 days to finish and Lekhaneeyam is pure and natural treatment where Ayurveda reveals the goodness.

One Time Cost : Euro 18 Euro- Lekhaneeyam (Part), 35 Euro - Lekhaneeyam (Full)

Total Cost : Euro 18 Euro- Lekhaneeyam (Part), 35 Euro - Lekhaneeyam (Full)


Karnapooranam is a complete solution for every kind of ear problems and it’s really a unique treatment of Ayurveda. With the un believable healing power of Ayurveda, it moves ahead with pure and natural treatment varieties and this unique rishi medicinal science delivers hundreds of testimonials of patients who’re free of ailments and it’s really a wonderful science branch of medicine. Before Karnapooranam, the patient should have to undergo a vibrant head and neck massage and in Ayurveda, the Karnapooranam is an important treatment to eliminate ear related problems. It delivers so many advantages and it’s relaxed to those who suffer with ear pain and other ear disorders, perhaps Karnapooranam has an ancestry over thousands of years and it was a treatment of local kings and also in the palaces. In olden days Karnapooranam Ayurveda treatment has been very popularized all over Kerala. Herbal oils are using for Karnapoorana and it’s absolutely an Indian medical treatment with the Ayurveda entity enlarges guaranteed healing power and in India and abroad, there are hundreds of person who were cured undergoing Karnapoorna and it can be say as a special Ayurveda treatment especially designed for ear pain and related disorders and doubtlessly it’s a complete solution ensures caring and curing to ear patients.

One Time Cost : Euro 7

Total Cost : Euro 7


There is a Hindu religious performance known as Tharpanam and in Ayurveda there is another Tharpanam and it has a special meaning as retention of the medicines over the eyes and this unique Ayurveda therapy has a tradition over thousands of years. In ancient palm readings of India has many very special treatments like Tharpanam and is very particular as it’s beneficial for eyes. It has everything that you would prefer from a better therapy to improve the health of eye and eye nerves. Medicated oil is the main substance using for Tharpamnam. It has the power to prevent much kind of eye diseases.Tharpanam promises the stoppage of strain to the eyes and irritation etc. Every year hundreds of westerners are experiencing Tharpanam and perhaps the foriegners knows much better than Indians about Tharpanam and doubtlessly it’s absolutely and Indian remedy to eliminate eye diseases and eye nere problems.

One Time Cost : Euro 7

Total Cost : Euro 7


Ayurveda very specially considers the arena of beauty care and cure and it has hundreds of treatment varieties ensuring facial curtness and beauty. All the skin care methods in Ayurveda are pure and with herbs and medicinal plants. Ayurveda hugs the goodness from the nature and it ensures better skin treatment without side effects. Mukhalepam is an Ayurveda care and cure treatment with some special features. Ayurveda has certain classification for facials and all these factions are authentically proved. The three purpose of classification are 1. For mitigating dosha 2. Improving complexion 3. Mitigating toxin etc and Mukhalepam the unique Ayurveda skin treatment has very ancestry perhaps back to hundreds of years. Mukhalepam has the power to eliminate wrinkles, black heads, cellulite, suntan etc. and it can be say as a best skin care treatment.

One Time Cost : Euro 7

Total Cost : Euro 7


Medicated steam bath is so special and very effective to eliminate impurities from the body and it improves the tone of the body. It has the power to control certain diseases and the medicated steam bath is very system of Ayurveda and in olden times it was a treatment available only in palace where the local kings enjoyed and experienced. It’s a very effective Ayurveda medicinal datum and every year hundreds of foreigners are coming to Kerala to experience this very special Ayurveda Medicated Steam Bath. Herbs and certain precious herbal leaves are the materials using for Medicated Steam Bath and it has everything that you prefer from a quality medicated Steam Bath and also it reduces fat in the body. 10 to 20 minutes is the time span to complete Medicated Steam Bath. The precious herbs and herbal leaves are boiled and passed over the whole body and this is the simple description of Medicated Steam Bath.

One Time Cost : Euro 14

Total Cost : Euro 14