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Preventive & Regenerative Treatment

This is a package that can last anywhere between 3 to 28 days.

This is our basic Ayurveda preventive and regenerative program that suits all, irrespective of age and gender. In this you will experience a full program of authentic Ayurvedic therapies, which work to create balance between body, mind and soul. It is a combination of Abhyangam Massage (Kairali offers a unique form of Abhyangam massage where two masseurs simultaneously and rhythmically massage you) followed by several ayuvedic therapies and manages to bring out the perfect wellbeing & balance in you. These massages are considered to be the most effective method of natural preventative medicine, helping you avoid unforeseen physical ailments, while rejuvenating the body and maintaining the bodies optimum physique.

Yoga Rejuvenate your mind and body through Ayurveda Yoga Ayurvedic wellness therapies ensure complete health for you!
Yoga Boost your immunity with Ayurvedic massages Yoga Ayurvedic regenerative therapies for healthy life

To get the maximum benefit of this program it is best to opt for a minimum 7 days package.

This package will also include:
  • Welcome-drink on Arrival
  • Accommodation in uniquely designed, independent villas
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Veg. only)
  • One Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage Per Person per day along with Steam bath
  • Daily allotment of in-room mineral-water [1 per person per day, max of 2 bottles per room per day]; unlimited supply of herbal-water
  • Complimentary Juice or Herbal tea after every massage. Additional food-items will be charged extra.
  • Complimentary Group-Yoga session, daily morning; individual classes are available on chargeable basis
  • Complimentary Group-Meditation session daily evening; individual classes are available on chargeable basis
  • Complimentary Lectures on Ayurveda (Once a Week)
  • Complimentary Lectures on Yoga (Once a Week)
  • Complimentary Demonstration on Ayurveda Cooking (Once a Week)
  • Complimentary Village Walk (Once a Week)
  • Visit to our proprietary Ayurvedic Factory (Chargeable Basis). Please ask our friendly staff for rates and details.
  • Daily Personal Lifestyle & Fitness Evaluation
  • Free use of Swimming Pool, Gym, Library & all Indoor & Outdoor facilities
  • Internal medicines given for your treatment can only be ascertained as your treatment progresses and will cost extra.

You can also go for long nature walks along the scenic paddy fields, do some exquisite bird watching in this unique jungle paradise that has no pollution or noises that distract you in the daily city life. Here you can experience the authentic healing practices of ancient India, while relaxing in the lap of modern holistic luxury.

(*) Above treatment package requires minimum stay of 3 Nights.
(*) Taxes are not included

This tranquil retreat that has 30 independent guest villas built according to Vaastu Shastra. The villa categories range from Deluxe to Classic, Royal and Maharaja Suite. No two villas are alike - from external structure to the interior decor. A Valambari Conch is strategically placed in every room to give positive vibrations.

Single Double Single Double Single Double Single Double
DELUXE 23,100.00 35,700.00 54,040.00 83,580.00 108,080.00 1,67,160.00 1,62,120.00 2,50,740.00
CLASSIC 29,400.00 42,000.00 68,740.00 98,280.00 1,37,480.00 1,96,560.00 2,06,220.00 2,94,840.00
ROYAL 37,800.00 50,400.00 88,340.00 1,17,880.00 1,76,680.00 2,35,760.00 2,65,020.00 3,53,640.00
MAHARAJA 71,400.00 79,800.00 1,66,740.00 1,86,480.00 3,33,480.00 3,72,960.00 5,00,220.00