An Extensive Guide for Root Canal Treatment

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People staying abroad often face difficulty in getting any dental treatments done as these treatments are quite expensive in a foreign land. If we talk about dental treatments in India these are less expensive and are performed by top level doctors and surgeons. The root canal cost in India varies depending upon the hospital you choose etc. However, if we talk about in general the treatment is less expensive in India as compared to other developed nations. Root canal if we specifically talk about is a dental treatment which is done to not only repair but to save badly damaged tooth. As the name suggests, it is cleaning of the canals which are there inside the tooth’s root.

Treatment Procedure:

Let’s talk about the procedure as how the root canal treatment takes place:

1. The procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth (pulp).
2. Cleaning and disinfecting the area
3. Filling
4. Sealing

For a layman it is important to know what exactly the common causes are which affects the pulp. Commonly it could be a deep cavity, a cracked tooth or a repeated dental treatment done on the tooth or trauma.

What to Expect during the Treatment

If your dentist suggests a root canal, there is nothing to get scared about. These steps below will give you a fair idea as what all things you may encounter during the procedure:

  1. X-Ray – Just to figure out where exactly the decay is located and which part needs to get treated, a doctor will first go for an X-ray.
  2. Anesthesia – Anesthesia as many know is a state of induced loss of sensation or awareness which is temporary only. Local anesthesia will then be given to the affected tooth so that the patient does not feel any pain etc.
  3. Pulpectomy – Dentist then removes the diseased tooth pulp or the damaged pulp from the tooth by making an opening. It is a part of the root canal process.
  4. Filling – The opened tooth is then filled with gutta-percha material and is sealed off.

Why is Root Canal is Necessary?

Many think that even if you have encountered a bad or decayed tooth, root canal is not necessary. However, one must not think this way. May be it is not paining today, but it may start to hurt spontaneously. This treatment is often recommended when there is a deep infection within the tooth. The pulp inside the tooth may get infected and without treatment, the infection may get worse enough that the tooth has to be removed. Many times there will be no symptoms and warnings, the most common reason or symptom because of which root canal can be advised is toothache. If the tooth is still active then the patient will experience punishing sensitivity to cold or hot liquids. On the other hand if you experience heat sensitivity instead of cold, then it is to be rest assured that the tooth requires root canal.

After Procedure Care

No matter after or before the root canal treatment, maintaining a good oral hygiene is always important. However, it becomes even more important after the treatment. May be an additional visit is required with your dentist in order to make sure that no signs of infection are left. With proper care and attention a tooth which is treated with the root canal treatment can stay healthy forever.

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