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Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths globally. According to the World Health Organization every year more than 14 million new cancer cases are registered and this number is expected to rise by 70% over the next two decades. If we believe in data nearly 1 in every 6 deaths is because of cancer.

What is Cancer?
When our cells detect DNA damage, most of the time they repair it but sometimes a DNA is severely damaged and the cell cannot repair it. In this condition, the cell starts to grow, divide and spread abnormally. This uncontrolled an abnormal growth of cells is known as cancer. Cancer has the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissues. It can spread throughout the body and can infect any part or organ of the body. There are over 200 types of cancer which can affect a human body. These are:
• Breast Cancer
• Lung Cancer
• Bladder Cancer
• Cervical Cancer
• Brain Cancer
• Ovarian cancer
• Pancreatic cancer
• Skin Cancer
• Leukemia
• Liver cancer
• Thyroid Cancer

Causes of Cancer
Some of the major risk factors which can cause cancer are:
• Obesity and High body mass index (BMI)
• Lack of physical activities
• Poor diet
• Low fruits and vegetable intake
• Tobacco use
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Radiation exposure
• Pollution
• Genetic defects

Excessive tobacco consumption is considered the most important risk factor for cancer which is responsible for around 22% of cancer deaths worldwide.

Cancer Symptoms
Cancer symptoms depend on the type of cancer. Some general symptoms which can be associated with the cancer are:
• Fatigue
• Persistent fever or night sweats
• Persistent indigestion
• Difficulty in swallowing
• Changes in sign, shape, color, and thickness of wart or mole
• Formation of a lump under the skin
• Abrupt thickening of breast, testicle or anywhere else
• Bleeding or unusual discharge from nipples
• A sore throat which is not healing for a long time
• Change in bowel or bladder habits
• A cough or hoarseness
• Troubled breathing
• Drastic weight gain or loss
• Change in the skin such as redness, yellowing or darkening of the skin

These are some warning symptoms which you should take seriously. If you feel any of these symptoms discuss it with your doctor immediately. These symptoms can be associated with some common diseases but if they are associated with cancer, an early detection can save a life.

How to avoid cancer
In order to prevent cancer make some simple lifestyle changes such as
• Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains
• Avoid processed food and red meat
• Avoid drinking too much alcohol
• Avoid smoking
• Maintain your weight
• Include regular exercise in your lifestyle
• Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight
• Get immunized
• Have regular body checkups

These are simple steps which can make a big difference to avoid future health problems.

Cancer Treatment in Delhi, India

Though cancer is deadly disease survival rates are improving because of advanced cancer treatment methods and technology. Hospitals in India are known for providing quality health care services to cancer patients all over the world. Because of a high success rate of cancer treatment every year lots of medical tourists come to India for different kinds of cancer treatments. Cancer treatment in India is almost 10 times cheaper than other countries which are one of the most important reasons behind the increasing number of medical tourists in India.

Cancer is treated with a combination of therapies like chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy, and surgery.
Our network hospitals in India are known for providing quality, advanced and affordable cancer treatment for the patients from all over the globe. In Indian hospitals, you can expect world-class facilities and a friendly environment. India is popular for its hospitality so you won’t face any issue on a foreign land. You can even access some Ayurvedic treatments in India to improve your overall health.
If you are a cancer patient, do not worry and don’t be afraid of the disease, you can beat any type of cancer if you have strong willpower and have access to proper treatment. In this medically advanced world, it is not tough to get a quality cancer treatment at affordable price. Start the treatment as early as possible because at an early stage it is easy to treat cancer.

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