Cochlear Implants- An Advanced Solution for Hearing Loss

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Cochlear implants are the electronic medical device which performs the function for the damaged part of the inner ear, by sending sound signals to the brain, unlike the normal hearing aid which increases the sound to be heard by the damaged ear. It is a boon for the people who suffer from severe hearing loss and who do not benefit much from the hearing aid.

Loss of hearing may cause a physical and psychological impact. It may happen suddenly, with time, or after an accident. Whatever the cause, not being able to hear makes the patient depressed and disconnected from their surroundings. It can also frustrate them as they are not able to hear properly what other people are saying.

Cochlear implants have two parts,

External: this includes a microphone, speech processor, and a transmitter.

Internal: it includes a receiver which is fixed to the skull bone behind the ear and electrodes inserted into the cochlea.

Cochlear implant surgeries can be done in children as well as the adults.

Unlike the hearing aids which make the sound louder to the ear, cochlear implants pass through the damaged portion of the ear to deliver sound signals to the brain.

Who needs the Cochlear Implant?

The cochlear implant can be useful for the following people,

Who does not find hearing aid beneficial
Suffer from moderate to profound hearing loss
Suffer from 50% sentence recognition by one or both ear, in the test done by the hearing professional.

Cochlear Implant Procedure

The surgical procedure requires a well-equipped team of an ENT surgeon, an anesthetist, an audiologist and a physician. Hospital in India provides all these facilities along with the best post-implantation care.

A little incision is made at the back of the neck to implant the receiver. The electrodes are then surgically inserted into the cochlea. The surgery gets completed in 1- 2 hours.

The patient is advised to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and can resume work as soon as they feel well enough to do so.

Post-implant rehabilitation is essential as people need to learn the technique. Hearing from a cochlear implant is different from hearing naturally or through hearing aids. Hearing aid increases the sound to be heard by the damaged ear, while the implants stimulate the auditory nerve to aid hearing. As the time passes the person learns to hear and enjoy the sounds, music, and conversations.

Benefits of Cochlear Implants

People who get the implants done get benefit from it in the following ways,

  • Hear better than the hearing aid
  • Conversations with people become easier across the meeting tables, in restaurants, and in crowded places
  • Can easily talk and hear on the phone
  • Can enjoy music
  • Can hear the alarm, people voice and approaching vehicles and thus feel safe

Though the benefits are many but it may vary in different people according to the severity of hearing loss, the condition of the cochlea, the presence of any other medical condition and how much practice they are doing to use their device.

Cochlear Implant Surgery in India

Cochlear devices rates in India are very low as compared to other countries which make the cochlear implant cost in India affordable, which is why India is the most sought-after destination to plan for a cochlear implant surgery.

Apart from the device cost, India’s healthcare sector is the most promising and respected worldwide for its progress. The hospitals are well- equipped with the latest devices and the doctors and surgeons updated with the most recent and effective treatment plans. The doctors and the surgeons in India also cater worldwide with their knowledge and practice, which is a good enough thing to boast about. Worldwide, there are many nations where there is non-availability of the suitable equipment and healthcare services. The hospitals which provide the maximum facilities explode the pockets of the patients with huge medical bills. In India, there are chains of various multi-specialty hospitals, equipped with the modern equipment, and the treatment cost feasible for people across the globe.

There is huge difference in the cost of cochlear implant surgery in India and other developed countries. There are a special dedicated unit where the problems related to hearing loss are treated. The after surgery care is also provided by the people who specialize in it.

All these benefits, under the guidance of the best surgeons, and in the top-class hospitals and within nominal costing range, which is why India is the most promising treatment destination for any kind of disease.

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