India: The Heart Disease Capital Of The World

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Heart diseases are one the most unpredictable diseases that have the potential to take human lives. The deaths caused due to heart problems are accelerating, and India is witnessing an epidemic. According to estimates, India will soon register the highest number of deaths because of heart-related ailments.

Already known as Heart disease and diabetes capital of the world, the country is looking at fifty percent of heart attacks within the population range of below 50 years of age. Most of the people living in the cities are more prone to heart-related ailments than ones living in rural areas. The rise of heart diseases has put the lives of both men and women in danger. But the younger generation is more at risk owning to their reckless lifestyle. Needless to say, heart diseases in India have grown exponentially.

Coronary artery diseases are very common with young adults living in the country. Many factors are responsible for heart problems. The foremost being poor lifestyle. The way generations are taking liberty in what they eat is taking a toll. Health is not given preference because it is not considered a compulsion until and unless health deteriorates.

In today’s busy world, exercise is not given a priority. Hectic work life and other commitments make it almost impossible to prepare the mind for a brisk morning walk or exercise. Junk food has woven itself into your daily routine.

Nothing is easier than going out and feeding out on oily fried foods. Burger diet and pizza cravings have become the way of life. Smoking is taking a toll too. The number of smoking adults and teenagers in India is astonishing.

Modern life is almost never stress-free. Routines are jam-packed, and stress is adding up. These factors eventually lead to poor heart health. Regular walks, proper food, and exercise can improve the situation by a great margin. Regular checkups need to be a part of our monthly plans and every individual need to learn the approach in case of heart attack. A little knowledge and acting fast can save a life.

There is a popular cardiology proverb, “Time is Muscle.” In India, the most common heart diseases include:

●  Cardiomyopathy
●  Angina
●  Coronary artery disease
●  Congenital heart disease
●  Rheumatic heart disease
●  Valvular heart disease
●  Cerebrovascular disease
●  Heart attack
●  Heart failure

The symptoms for any kind of disease related to heart includes Discomfort in the chest, weakness or fatigue, Swelling, Dizziness, Shortness of breath, irregular pulse, Cough, Anxiety, fullness, burning or aching. Many tests are available to diagnose the exact heart diseases. With rigorous advancement and research, techniques and machinery have been developed to keep the ailment in check.

Electrocardiogram or The ECG is the most common technique used to study the problem if any. These tests record the electrical activity of heart while it contracts and relaxes. This is helpful as it detects abnormal heartbeats, inadequate blood flow, damaged area or heart enlargement.

Blood tests can detect ailments as this test checks for any kind of enzymes of substances that are released into the blood when cells begin to die. Nuclear Scan is done to check on the blood pumping related problems and also brings into notice the damaged areas in the heart with less blood or limited blood flow.

Treatments are available to tackle heart diseases, but the pre-condition is that it gets detected on time and then treated properly. In India, the importance of regular checkups is yet to be acknowledged. These medical checkups are to be imbibed into the routine in order to stay alert and aware of the functioning of your heart.

Once a disease or disorder is noticed, wide ranges of treatments are available to maintain the heart health. Anti-platelets, Anti-coagulants, Digitalis, ACE, Nitrates, Calcium Channel Blockers, Diuretics, Beta-blockers, Thrombolytic agents and blood cholesterol lowering agents can come to rescue for heart-related issues.

In India, Healthcare facilities are making a rapid progress. As a favorite destination for medical tourism, India is also catering to the needs of patients from across the world. Hospitals are world class and can efficiently help the patients to recover with advanced medical technology. The most notable factor is that patients can get the appointment of the best cardiologist in India with relative ease.

Highly skilled and world-renowned cardiologists are available in the country and the overall heart treatment cost has come down over the years. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. We can prevent these diseases in the first place. In many cases where the disease is onset, treatment is economical and easy. Heart diseases can be prevented to a large extent, a little information and priorities can help in achieving this goal.

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