Kidney Transplant – Recovery Time & Survival Rate

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Chronic kidney diseases are becoming a major health concern, impacting more than millions of people around. When the kidney function declines to a point, the person tends to have an end-stage renal disease. This condition would require mandatory dialysis or kidney transplantation depending on the severity.

Kidneys are two bean-shaped size organs located at the two sides of spines at the bottom of rib cage. A kidney is of a fist’s size and has the function of filtering and removing excess waste, fluids or minerals from blood by urine. Failure of the kidney in filtering blood may result in an increase of harmful fluid level and waste accumulation in the body thereby increasing blood pressure. This results in kidney failure. When 90 percent of kidney fails to do filtration ability that is the last stage of renal disease.

Cause of Renal Disease/ Kidney Failure

Some of the reasons behind having renal disease end-stage or kidney failure are mentioned below.

  1.    Suffering from Diabetes
  2.    Having chronic and high blood pressure.
  3.    Having chronic glomerulonephritis which is an inflammation and scarring of tiny filters inside the kidney.
  4.    Having kidney disease called Polycystic.

When people have last renal disease stage they need a mechanized machine(dialysis) to suck out waste from their bloodstream or it is done by doing kidney transplantation.

Why Kidney Transplantation to be done?

Kidney transplantation treats a chronic kidney disease at a GFR (glomerular filtration rate, a measure of kidney function) which is equal or less than 20 ml/min and makes you live longer in a better way. Many patients are benefited with kidney transplantation, making them not require living on dialysis once they have it, this procedure is called a Preemptive kidney transplant. In comparison to living on dialysis kidney transplantation is better in many ways as treatment cost becomes lower, there are lesser dietary conditions, death risk decreases and life quality becomes much better.

Risks Involved in Kidney Transplantation

Kidney Transplantation comes with risks too. There is an eligibility required before having Kidney Transplantation.

The factors deciding your eligibility are as mentioned here.

  1.    What is your age and are suffering from any heart disease?
  2.    Are you having cancer or was your cancer recently treated?
  3.    Is your mental illness poorly controlled or are you having symptoms of Dementia?
  4.    Prone to be alcoholic or having any drug abuse.
  5.    Any other factor that may affect transplantation procedure or cannot take heavy medication post-surgery.

Kidney Transplantation doesn’t guarantee that patient gets ultimately cured. It may happen that after transplantation one may encounter a kidney disease again. The patient’s body could reject the donor’s kidney as well, as an effect of certain medications and surgery issues. So, the decision of having kidney transplantation should be taken very carefully keeping everything in mind. There are also complications that come with it like clotting of blood, excessive bleeding, donated kidney failure, death by heart attack, infection, blocking or leaking of the uterus tube connecting the kidney to the bladder.

Side effects of Heavy Medication post-transplantation

You should be aware of the side effects that may come with heavy medication for kidney transplantation. Heavy medication causes breakouts and acne on the skin. They may also cause abnormal bone thinning i.e. osteoporosis or damage i.e. osteonecrosis. The patient may also get diseases like diabetes, infection, rise in cholesterol, weight gain, puffiness, increased risk of cancer especially lymphoma or skin cancer.

Choosing the Donor

Before performing any kidney transplant in India there are three things checked prior selecting the donor.

  1.    Blood Typing
  2.    Tissue Typing
  3.    Crossmatch

Kidney Transplantation in India

Kidney Treatment is becoming day by day highly advanced. Some of the very experienced surgeons have now taken over responsibilities of doing it. Not only the hospital conditions have improved amazingly, you may also find people coming to India from different countries to get treatment here. Affordable Kidney Transplantation can be carried out in better and highly advanced way in India in comparison to other countries.

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