Know All About Cancer and it’s Treatment in India

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About Cancer

It is an uncontrolled development of abnormal cells anywhere in the body. The diseased cells have the
ability to infiltrate and impair normal body tissue. It can spread throughout the body with the help of
blood and lymph systems. Cancer rather is a combination of several diseases. There are over 200 types
of cancer, which have been named after the type of organ or cell they originate. There are several
causes of cancer but the major ones are cancer causing pathogens, obesity and tobacco use.

Major Categories of Cancer

Discussed below are distinct types of Cancer have been grouped into several categories-

Germ Cell Tumor- It is a neoplasm obtained from germ cells, generally present in the gonads (testis and

Leukemia- This category originates in blood-forming tissues, which includes bone marrow.

Carcinoma- A category of cancer originating in the human skin, body tissues or the tissue of internal
organs. The different subtypes include squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, transitional
carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma.

Sarcoma- This category originates in muscle, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, fat or any other connective
or supportive tissue, in the cells outside bone marrow.

Blastoma- this category is more common in children and is derived from immature ‘predecessor’ cells or
embryonic tissue.

Myeloma and Lymphoma- this category of cancer originates from the cells of immune system.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

– Lump formation or area of thickening under the skin
– Fatigue
– Darkening, yellowing or redness in skin, changes to the existing moles, sores do not heal
– Unintended weight gain or loss
– Persistent cough
– Changes in bowel or bladder habits
– Difficulty in swallowing
– Discomfort after eating or persistent indigestion
– Persistent cough
– Hoarseness
– Persistent joint or muscle pain
– Unexplained fevers or night sweats

Types of Cancer Treatments

The course of cancer treatment depends on its type and current stage. Knowing the stage of the
cancer is extremely important as it helps to understand the severity and the survival chances. The
treatment might include just one or even two or more treatments discussed below. Different types
of cancer treatments are-

Radiation therapy- The treatment involves high doses of radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer

Surgery- The procedure to remove cancer from the body.

Immunotherapy- A treatment that enables the immune system to fight cancer.

Chemotherapy- A treatment that involves use of drugs to kill cancer cells

Hormone therapy- A treatment to stop or slow down the growth of prostate and breast cancers
that use hormones to grow.

Targeted therapy- The treatment targets the changes in cancer cells that encourage them to divide,
grow and spread.

Precision medicine- This enables the doctors select treatments that help patients based on a genetic
understanding of their disease.

Stem Cell transplant- Procedures to restore the blood-forming stem cells in patients with cancer
which has been damaged by high doses of chemo or radiation therapy.

The latest treatment for Cancer in India is Cyber Knife Surgery whch is non invasive, painless robotic
radiation therapy.

Top Cancer Hospitals in India

The contribution of tertiary cancer hospitals has made India one of the most sought after places for
medical tourists. The treatment, research and screening provided by these hospitals are
outstanding. The best cancer hospitals in India are-

  •  Apollo Hospital
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • BLK Super Specialty Hospital
  • Metro Hospital
  • Action Cancer Hospital
  • DENVEX Clinics (Cell-based cancer immunotherapy)

Why Travel to India for Cancer treatment?

Cancer treatment in India is beneficial owing to remarkably reduced costs and most importantly
best-in- class medical care available. India has highly qualified and experienced professional, the
country also offers world-class medical facilities. There are several reasons why medical tourists
should get treated for cancer in India, few of them are-

– Highly qualified and well trained Oncologists, Surgeons and hospital support staff
– Medical treatment of cancer in India costs around 500% to 700% less when compared to cost
overseas paid in Pounds or Dollars
– Internationally accredited medical facilities with advanced technologies
– Latest medication in India is quick owing to globalization
– Friendly and capable staff
– Excellent hospitality

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