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How is India growing so fast in medical tourism? Why are people opting for India for their treatment instead of their own countries?
Medical Tourism is one of the most important and growing sectors in India has its roots in all the major cities across the country. Not in India, but the people outside India are in need of medical tourism because of several factors that are affecting them is not to opt for medical treatments in their own countries and instead fly to India for medical assistance.

The developed countries like USA and Canada are also providing the same medical facilities then why their citizens are not taking medical care from them and coming to India for their treatment? The reason behind is, these countries are a lot more expensive in nature, and people can’t really afford even after having insurance also. India is a lot cheaper than many other countries. Medical tourism in India is a multi-billion dollar market, it’s one of the highest earning sectors of India and India is working a lot of hard to take it on the number one position.

Best Healthcare Tourism in India with Top Hospitals & Doctors

After the boom in the IT and corporate sector, the government along with the private sector are working hand in hand to take a rise in the healthcare market. With a number of chains of hospitals across the country and the high standard of hospitals, medical and healthcare sector in India is successful in attracting patients across the globe. India is providing highly professionals, the doctors are very competitive in nature and there is an urge to deal with every patient that comes to them for their treatment. Not only, but India has advanced technology experience in the medical market and hospitals here are providing healthcare deals for the betterment of the patients and which occasionally will fit into their pockets.

Public and private sector partnerships are also proving itself in a long run, the private sector is funding for the doctors and hospitals. Counting upon the numbers, India is gaining experience and expertise in dealing with foreign patients. A number of tourists are choosing India for their treatments because of the services we are offering at such reasonable prices and the trust and assurance we are giving them.

We have a list of doctors and hospitals which will help in the assistance of the patients. The other branches of one of the most highlighted hospitals in India, Fortis Hospital is engaging in providing a wide variety of services to the medical tourists. Not only this hospital, but MANIPAL HOSPITALS, Apollo Hospital, SEVEN HILLS HOSPITAL, COLUMBIA ASIA these are some of the hospitals that are providing a major availability of beds, disciplined atmosphere, and all the specialists of every common and uncommon disease.

India has an esteemed panel of specialist doctors including surgeons, cardiologist, orthopedics, neurologists, urologists, which have specialization in their work. The doctors provided by the hospitals for the foreign patients have a good command of English and they provide the high quality of treatment, keeping care of hygiene and other things.

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