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An amalgamation of quality care along with the cost-effectiveness and access to the complex treatments makes India a perfect destination for medical travel.

The main reason which contributes to the success of treating international patients in India is its ability to provide specialized treatments for competitive prices yet maintains international standards. India also has numerous hospitals that have high standards as per the international standards and guidelines and English is widely spoken making it an ace option for Medical Travel.

When considering value for money India leads among the other countries offering Medical Tourism because of the following facts mentioned below:

Open Heart Surgeries in America can cost up to $100,000 whereas these surgeries can cost as low as $4,000 in India.
India accommodates over 8 million tourists per year and it has adequate infrastructure which makes travelers feel comfortable.
India has a long history and is a known country for wellness tourism because of its other medical remedies like Ayurveda and Yoga
These are some of the important reasons why India is the perfect Medical Travel Destination for tourists seeking medical care which is affordable and safe.

Approximate Cost of Some of the Treatments in India

Hernia Repair Cost = $1100
Gastric Bypass Surgery =$5500
CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery) =$5000
Pacemaker Implantation cost = $2200
Cataract Surgery cost =$800
Knee Replacement Surgery Cost =$5500
Hip Replacement Surgery Cost =$5500

Why Medical Treatment in India is Competitive and Affordable

  • Out of Pocket / Private Payment for Medical Expenditures

Unlike in America or European Countries, people in India have not opted for Medical Insurance so in case of medical emergencies or treatments they pay from their own pocket and therefore these people would like to spend the minimum on medical expenses resulting in less room for inflating the prices by the Hospitals or Doctors.

  •  Competitive Market

Since people pay for treatments from their pockets, therefore, they want to get the best treatment at best price which results in too much of competition among the Hospitals in India and therefore they are required to keep their prices highly competitive while maintaining the quality and standards of the medical treatment and other services.

  • Economies of Scale

India is a second most populated country in the world and therefore it is one of the top countries in the world wherein the maximum number of surgeries and other medical treatments happens every single day enabling these Hospitals in India to reach economies of scale.

From where Medical Tourists come from?

Most of the patients come to India from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka contributing to 85% of the total medical tourists’ influx. Around 15% of the medical tourists come to India from countries like US, UK, and the Middle East and others but this percentage is increasing every year as India’s importance in Medical field is at par with the international standards used in Developed Countries.

Why India is being promoted as a Medical Tourism Destination?

Indian Government recognizes the importance of tourism which contributes to the growth and development of the economy of India and have taken necessary measurements like investing in the development of Infrastructure like Roads, Hotels, Improvising the tourism destinations facilities and easy medical visas process and so on to make sure that tourists have a comfortable stay in India.

Do I need a medical visa to receive treatment in India?
For Minor Treatments like Cosmetics Procedure, Dental Issues which are or very small duration and are not complex Visitors can easily come on Tourist Visa and can get Treatment but for Complex Treatment Procedures Visitors are required to come on Medical Visa which is also very easy to obtain.

How to make sure that I get the correct Treatment in India?
Sometimes it gets confusing and you may feel indecisive of where to get treatment in India as each and every Hospital in India to promote themselves and competition is high, But our team of Medical Professionals knows best, Our team knows for which Treatment which Doctor or Hospital is Best for you. You can simply email us all your queries at and we shall respond to you immediately.

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