What Is Cancer? Should We Be Afraid?

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Cancer, once a dreaded disease, is now becoming less of a threat with advancements in technology. Technological advancements and medicinal breakthroughs are making this major shift possible. The word itself is frightening, and it changes the life in a moment. Initially, it paves the way for mental shock and thereby making way for emotional as well as physical distresses. The time of despair is much past us, and everyone who is impacted by this disease has to remember that the first thing they need to do is never let go of hope as to a problem, there is always a solution.

Get to know the unknown: Cancer
Cancer involves uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body. It can affect any organ and, in some cases, spread to surrounding tissues as well. The symptoms may vary, and most of the patients are not able to identify the onset of the disease.

Thorough medical checkups can determine the stage and treatment options. Though medical science has made a quantum leap in diagnosing cancer, the disease is still of among the elusive ones. The diagnosing period is too overwhelming for the patient, and the first step towards improvement is getting organized about it. Nowadays the cancer treatment cost has also dramatically reduced as there are now affordable cancer treatments in India that can be availed by anyone suffering from the disease.

Medical records, preferred hospital or doctor, emergency contacts and other treatment options. Modern technology has made it possible to treat some kinds and stages of cancer in aid with rigorous research. People of today who are suffering from cancer are actually able to improve on the lives as compared to those before us as treatment options were limited in the past. Let look at some of the latest treatment methods used in modern cancer treatments in India.


This standard treatment is the most powerful and promising treatment available throughout the globe. This kind of treatment included medications as well as the combination of medications to fight cancer. Chemotherapy works by stopping the growth of cancer cells in the human body. Cisplatin in combination with many other drugs has proven useful in the fight against cancer.


This treatment is constantly worked and improved upon. The principle around this therapy is to enable the body to develop a strong immune system that can recognize and fight cancer cells on its own. The immune system is stimulated to produce antibodies against the cancer cells in the body. There are sub-categories to this type of treatment. Passive Immunotherapy works around the production of the monoclonal antibodies. When any kind of virus, fungi or bacteria attacks the body, the immune system is capable of producing these monoclonal antibodies.

Radiation therapy:

These treatments involve high-level dosage of radiation to the cancerous tissues while taking care that no healthy tissue is exposed to these radiations. This helps to kill the cancer cells and to inhibit the growth of such tissues. Many techniques are available under this treatment option including that of Stereotactic body radiation treatment, cytotron, and robotic radiosurgery. Stereotactic radiation treatment is feasible for brain and lung cancers. Cytotron arrests the cancer cells and effectively helps with the pain while as Robotic radiosurgery is considered for malignant and benign tumors.

Target Therapy:

This biotechnology advancement is targeted specifically at the cancer cells in the body by identifying the genes or cells that act as stimulators for the abnormal multiplication of the cells and other factors. These factors are identified and then targeted for termination in this treatment.

Many cancers are treated by permanent removal of the infected tissues from the body. Cancer surgeries are a viable option for treatment after advanced technology and developed machinery that assists in this process. Breast cancers, rectal cancers are preferred to be removed surgically from the body. Surgeries are compulsorily followed by radiation therapies to inhibit the residual cancer cell if any.

Cancer treatments were scarce some years ago. After constant research and developments, we are finally able to jot down a list of treatment to tackle the disease. Cancer patients need immense care and most importantly, courage. Medical science has made it possible to have minimally invasive but effective treatments that enable the cancer patients to live an improved and healthy life. India is at the forefront of providing best cancer treatment with highly acclaimed doctors and one of the best cancer hospitals in Delhi. The disease is not more a scare and a fight that can be won.

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