Why Eyecare Is One Of The Most Overlooked Health Feature

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The eye is an important part of our body. Without the eyes, we cannot think about doing any tasks even for a single moment. The people, who are blind or have poor eye-sight, may suffer from many problems. For these people, eye surgery is very much important. If you have the proper vision health, you will perform the best in all aspects of your life. So, it is necessary to contact the best eye hospital or the best eye surgeon in India. Your eye may be affected by your daily irregular schedule, improper food habit,etc.

Different types of eye surgeries

There are a wide variety of eye surgery options obtainable. By using these eye surgeries, people can improve their vision capacity.

  • LASIK eye surgery- LASIK (laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery is very beneficial. This laser is used to remove the corneal tissue. Also, it is used to amend the focus level of the cornea. This surgery uses a microscopically thin flap. Also, this surgery is done by many laser tools. It is one of the updated treatments of the eye.
  • PRK surgery- PRK or photorefractive Keratotomy eye surgery is also very beneficial surgery. It is one of the best treatments for corneal re-shaping. This effective surgery is used to improve the eye vision properly.
  • Contact lens- This eye surgery includes a permanent lens over your eye’s natural lens. This is used to enhance extreme nearsightedness.
  • CK surgery- CK or Conductive Keratoplasty is another beneficial eye surgery. This surgery uses radio waves to make the corneal angle steeper. This surgery is also used to adjust the cornea.
  • RLE surgery- RLE or Refractive Lens Exchange is one of the best eye surgeries. By using this surgery, it can improve the farsightedness. It is used to replace the natural lens.

How to keep your eyes healthy

There are many ways to keep your eyes healthy. Follow the below tips to keep eye in good shape.

Don’t smoke – Smoking is very bad for health. If you are a daily smoker, you will face a lot of health problems. It can damage your optic nerve and also cause muscular degeneration. If you want to get the healthy eye, just quit smoking.

Wear sunglasses – The ultraviolet rays of the sun is very harmful to your eyes. Extreme UV rays can affect your cataracts and also macular degeneration. It is necessary to wear a proper pair of sunglasses. You need to choose the pair that can block 100% UVA and UVB rays. You can use polarized lenses while driving.

Proper food habit – If you want to keep your eyes healthy, you should eat proper food. You should eat Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, Lutein, etc. These are used to reduce any vision-related problems. You should eat,

  • Oily fish such as tuna, salmon, etc.
  • Beans, eggs, nuts, proteins.
  • Drink fruit juice, orange, etc.
  • Also, you can eat collards, spinach, and other green vegetables.

Use the best eye-wear- Always wear proper spectacle and sunglasses. Don’t use any low-cost frames that provide a bad effect to your eyes. Before choosing the eye frame, you should contact your doctor and take the suggestion.

Some additional methods

  • Always maintain a minimum distance from your computer and phone. If you are staring too long, it can cause dry eyes, headache, shoulder pain, eye strain, etc.
  • You can use the anti-glare screen. Try to avoid the lights that come from highly reflective surfaces.
  • If your eyes are dry, then you should open and close the eye to replenish it with nutrients.

One must not forget about the health and well being of their eyes when they are busy on the roads with work or meetings. Even if you’re in need of immediate eye treatment, don’t worry because hospitals are experienced enough to undertake complex surgeries. Eye surgery in India is affordable and dependable. The low surgery price in India made it even more feasible for foreigners.

With thousands of tourists flocking in every year in need of ophthalmology treatment in India, Medical tourism has seen a great future in India and this trend shows no sign of stopping anytime soon!

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