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For Patients Healing Touristry

Medical treatments are accessible to all, especially in Western countries and yet, people are willing to travel hundreds of miles to India to receive medical care. The answer lies in the superlative medical services offered by Healing Touristry in a patient-centric environment, to heal the body, mind and soul holistically, rather than just treating the symptoms of a disease.

Our Process

We commence the process by first comprehending the kind of treatment or care you require, and once we have established that we pair you with the most experienced hospital and doctor. You can consult the doctors online before reaching India, and once here, you can be assured of receiving superlative medical treatment and care. Our care begins from arranging videoconferencing with the right medical personnel, sharing the smallest of details with regards to treatment plans, and ensuring that every query or doubt of yours is answered to your satisfaction. Our services will also extend to helping arrange travel and stays once you are in India. You can count on us to engage with you once you are back in your home country, and need further information or consultation with regards to your healing progress.

We Are The Best

We, at Healing Touristry, believe in providing compassionate, personalized and exceptional care. As a medical tourism service provider, our expertise is not limited to pairing you with the best doctor and hospitals, but to ensuring your overall well-being in a country which may be diametrically opposite to yours. A success-rate of more than 90% is the proof of our commitment to provide the most advanced treatment for routine surgeries as well as critical illnesses.