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Medical emergencies can’t be delayed and when you are miles apart from your much loved people, we take the full responsibility of the medical treatment as well as other required services that have to be given at most affordable cost. All you have to do is just send the patient’s previous health reports and relax as we take up rest of the work from here on with full responsibility and care. As soon as we receive a request from you regarding your or your near ones illness along with brief history of current and past medical records, we will work on it immediately and assist you with the medical treatment procedure that needs to go through. Our experts will guide you with every single detail so that you can make your arrangements accordingly.

High Quality Standards at Healing Touristry

We ensure that the widest possible strata of community get the best available Medicare and that too at a very reasonable price. We keep all the medical records and other personal information of the patient confidential. You can trust us completely and give us an opportunity to serve you in the best possible manner.

Why Foreign Nationals and NRIs Pursue Treatment in India?

Nowadays, there is a steep rise in the medical tourism and there are many factors that are responsible for this. Low cost treatment is the major reason for the people abroad to consider India for healthcare. However, there are many other benefits also that pull the NRIs for overseas treatment. The healthcare services are cost effective in India as compared to other affluent nations of the world because the charges of private hospitals for major surgeries are very less here. Foreign patients can book a package deal at comparatively low prices before coming to India that includes their flights and other transportations, hotel bookings, medical treatments and vacation post their operation. Here are a few reasons which make India a hotspot of cost-effective treatment, and spiritual and mental rejuvenation for NRIs.

  • Cost Saving

The cost of treatments in India is altogether lower as compared with other countries. Indeed, medications in India are overall far more affordable than somewhere else on the planet. Each and treatment is around 50-80% more affordable in India than in Europe, USA, UK and Oceania.

  • Highly Qualified Professionals

India's driving Hospitals and Medical offices have accomplished the world-class benchmarks. The doctors, specialists and attendants have been fastidiously prepared to the highest levels, while numerous experts have been providing treatments at the world's best medical institutes. The vast majority of the surgeons and doctors in Indian healing facilities are supported by American Board Certificates, which implies higher standards and medical care.

  • Globally Accredited Hospitals

Indian Healthcare Industry takes pride in its numerous hospitals and clinics. Many have subjected their premises and structures to the most accurate classification by applying for accreditation and affirmation surveyed by a qualified benchmarks association or office to decide whether it meets standards and requirements to enhance the nature of patient care.

  • No Waiting List

One of the essential points of interest of accepting curative treatment in India is the ease with which arrangements for treatment can be directed. Indian healing centres have numerous operation theatres and enough qualified specialists to make the patients satisfied and happy.

  • The Spirit of Hospitality

Indians are pleased that their national character that has won them a merited reputation for their empathy and warm cordiality. The nation's implicit rules अतिथिदेवो भव; (The visitor is proportionate to God) makes the patients so comfortable that they hardly feel like a tourist on vacation. The level of service excellence is at par with global standards. Not only that; the treatment seekers are amazed to discover multiple doctor's facilities in India with superb eateries, cafés and customised room services.

  • Multilingual Healthcare

India clinics highlight 24-hour nursing care, and staff are knowledgeable about helping foreign patients. There are English speaking staff and many others who speak dialects like Arabic, Russian, Pushtu, Bengali, German and Chinese.

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