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One looks beautiful and radiant only when beauty of the inner body surfaces. Inner beauty can be achieved through Yoga, Meditation and use of beauty enhancers. Outer beauty includes the obvious traits such as contours of the body, texture of the skin and the quality of the hair and nails.

Massage is the easy method for the proper circulation of vital fluids to give a beautiful lusture to the skin. In this programme herbal face pack, herbal cream massage, massage with special oils, fruit juices, herbal juices, body pack, head pack, steam bath or herbal bath and intake of herbal juices are included.

This treatment improves the skin complexion, skin tone and muscle tone.


Please note

Each of the above packages includes the following services for the duration of stay

The following services are provided complimentary along with every package booking

For the tarrif rates, please select the season in which you would like to visit:

20th December to February 29th

Single Double
Standard Room Euro 2100 Euro 3340
Garden Cottage Euro 2240 Euro 3500
Special Cottage* Euro 2540 Euro 3830
Kerala House Standard Euro 3030 Euro 4370
Kerala House Deluxe (A/C) Euro 3680 Euro 5100
Kerala Deluxe Suite (A/C) Euro 4290 Euro 5780

01 st Oct to 19th Dec & March to April

Single Double
Standard Room Euro 1900 Euro 3100
Garden Cottage Euro 2050 Euro 3250
Special Cottage* Euro 2300 Euro 3500
Kerala House Standard Euro 2750 Euro 4000
Kerala House Deluxe (A/C) Euro 3250 Euro 4600
Kerala Deluxe Suite (A/C) Euro 3800 Euro 5200

May to September

Single Double
Standard Room Euro 1450 Euro 2460
Garden Cottage Euro 1600 Euro 2650
Special Cottage* Euro 1800 Euro 2900
Kerala House Standard Euro 2150 Euro 3250
Kerala House Deluxe (A/C) Euro 2400 Euro 3550
Kerala Deluxe Suite (A/C) Euro 2700 Euro 3900